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    Ningbo Winkay Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and selling: Ignition Coil, Ignition Wire Set, Air Flow Meter, Oxygen Sensor, Electronic Throttle Body, Idle Air Control Valve, TPS throttle sensor, Crankshaft sensor, Camshaft Sensor, Concentric Slave Cylinder, Car Switch and Auto Sensors.

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597072, 597074, 5970A9, 962467580, 9628158580, DQG1201, Ignition Coil

  • Type:DQG1201

  • OEM No.:597072, 597074, 5970A9, 962467580, 9628158580, PEUGEOT 106 II TU3JP 206 (2A/C) 206 SW (2E/K) TU1JP 306 (7B, N3, N5) TU3MC 306 Break (7E, N3, N5) TU3JP 306 Convertible(7D, N3, N5) TU5JP 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5) PARTNER Combispace (5F), CITROEN XSARATU5JP BERLINGO TU3JP SAXO XSARA Break Coupe PICASSO TU5JP Ignition Coil

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